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Hudson's Bay Company Post

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Society, Gender, and Race


Boatbuilding at
Athabasca Landing

To the Klondike
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The Commercial Boom

Amber Valley:
A Black Community

The Athabasca Bore

Agriculture and Settlement

Then and Now

Promotional Map of Athabasca Landing. July 12, 1911. Map, Athabasca Landing, Alberta. July 12, 1911.
Glenbow Archives, Calgary, Canada, NA-2092-2

In 1877, Athabasca Landing was established by the Hudson's Bay Company at the southernmost point of the loop of the Athabasca River where it swings north-east to Fort McMurray and Lake Athabasca. The westward expansion into "Indian Territory" by European immigrants between 1880 and 1914 transformed Athabasca Landing from a river stopping place of native peoples into a Hudson's Bay Company fur trading post, and later, a northern boomtown and transportation hub for freight and pioneers entering Canada's north-west. Athabasca Landing became known as "the gateway to the north."

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