Athabasca Brigade

Grand Rapids

Freighting Activities


Traders boats leaving Athabasca Landing
Provincial Archives of Alberta, B2980.

Upon reaching the crest of the hill overlooking the picturesque valley of the Athabasca, at its northward bend, we were greatly disappointed to behold the river still locked in the ice of winter. We were compelled to wait four days before it opened...A quarter of a mile up the river was the free trader's establishment, where a barge was being built to take down their summer outfit. Below the Company's wharf lay the "Athabasca", a stern wheel steamer, drawn out upon the bank for the winter. (Athabasca Historical Society 1986, 35)
Interview clip with Hugo Carlson, describing how much freight came through Athabasca. Athabasca Archives, audio tape #153.
Loading freight at Athabasca Landing, 1912.
Interview clip with C.J. Raynor Whitely, shares experiences as a freight handler. Athabasca Archives, audio tape #8, accession #85.285.

Ice in the Athabasca River
The Northland Sun at Mirror Landing.
Mirror Landing across the river from Smith
Mirror Landing
Revillon Frères boats at Athabasca Landing, 1907.
Athabasca Landing, view from across the river
Tug and scows on Athabasca River, Alberta, 1911.
Scows at Athabasca Landing, 1911.
Natives with Steamer taking on wood
Passengers on the Beaver (boat)
Landing Scows at Athabasca
Two NTC steamboats
Loading HBC scows at Athabasca Landing, Alberta, 1912.
Scows leaving Athabasca Landing
Athabasca Landing, September, 1907.
Loading boats at Athabasca Landing, September, 1906.
Athabasca Ferry, 1906
Superintendent Gilbert E. Sanders and party
Hudson Bay Company Scows at the Landing.
Mounted Police Patrol, Athabasca, Alberta.
Crowd on beach, Athabasca Landing, Alberta. 1911
Reindeer in corral at Stony Creek, Alberta, 1911.

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