Gold Fever

A row of shacks southeast of the H.B. fort enjoys the distinction of being the first thing in the village to resemble a street and it bears the title of Bohemian Row. Every shade of opinion, on topics ranging from gold mining down to the qualities of pain killer cordial, is here nightly discussed...To reside in Bohemian Row is considered an honor and room is at a premium. All things considered the Landing is about as orderly a place as a man would care to live in. (Quoted in Athabasca Historical Society 1986, 62)

Ice in the Athabasca River
Klondiker's camp with S.S. Athabasca in background
Klondikers preparing to leave for the Yukon gold fields.
Dog sled loaded with furs and supplies for HBC
A general view of Athabasca Landing, 1898.
Tent City at time of klondike, 1898.
Tent City at Athabasca Landing

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